Certificate Courses in Canine Therapy

Certificate courses for vet nurses at Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy

No Pre-Requisites Required

With the courses listed on this page, there are no pre-requisites required.

All you need is a passion to make a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners, and a commitment to provide quality care to canines.

Canine Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage and Canine Hydrotherapy are becoming an increasingly popular career choice in Australia with the continued growth of the canine health industry. These roles offer dogs the chance to move better, feel better and perform better while providing therapists with a rewarding career, doing something they love.

Up skill your qualifications to offer canine therapies within your clinic

Or to start your own business as a canine therapist

If you are currently a vet nurse and can see the need within your clinic to offer a different level of care to the clinic patients after surgery or injury, and you are wanting to be a part of the growing industry of canine therapists, then these courses are the gateway to your new career and even more rewarding days.

Be the stand out clinic in the vet industry

Hi, My name is Michelle Monk and over fifteen years ago I opened the first canine rehabilitation centre in Melbourne and designed and built the first underwater treadmill in Australia. Since then I have had the benefit of working with thousands of injured dogs, post-surgery patients, aging dogs, and puppies.

There's something so immensely satisfying to see a dog's life extended, to witness a dog walk again after being told they couldn't, and to have a dog recover fully from injury or surgery knowing it's because of the therapy I have provided. I now get to help others make the transition into the industry that has had such a positive impact on my life.

As the canine health industry continues to expand and more people are looking to invest in the ongoing health and care of their beloved four-legged best friends I'm seeing more veterinary clinics recognise the gap between surgery and physiotherapy as the solution for successful canine recovery.

Those clinics who choose to offer canine remedial massage, canine hydrotherapy, or canine physiotherapy as part of the ongoing care of their patients are becoming the stand out clinics in the eyes of dog owners.

Michelle Monk founder of Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy with Zoe

The benefits of offering canine therapy in vet clinics

More veterinarians are recognising the benefits of canine physiotherapy and other canine therapies:

  • 1

    Canine Rehabilitation Therapies can accelerate the healing process after surgery giving the canine patient the best opportunity for a full mobility recovery

  • 2

    Canine Therapy is a growing industry as more dog owners want the human benefits of these therapies to be transferred to their canine fur babies, making your clinic an industry leader by providing these solutions

  • 3

    Having an even more positive impact on extending the quality and length of time dogs and their owners get to spend together is rewarding for all members of your team and will make your clinic standout to the best employees

  • 4

    Offering canine therapy services within your clinic creates a profitable additional income stream with minimal outlay and increases the clinic lifespan of each patient

Canine Remedial Massage Course By Michelle Monk at Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy

Certificate in Canine Remedial Massage

This certificate course in canine remedial massage will give you the qualification you need to either start your own canine massage business or be hired to work in a veterinary clinic or canine rehabilitation clinic.

Canine hydrotherapy courses at Michelle Monks Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy

Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy

Complete this certificate course in canine hydrotherapy and spend your days using hydrotherapy to support canine patients to improve their health, mobility and speed up their healing process from injury or surgery.

Expand your career opportunities

The Pet industry is already a massive and rapidly growing industry. Medical and surgical treatments pet owners are investing in for their pets has increased substantially. So too has the need for rehabilitation and the complementary therapies that increase the effectiveness and speed of recovery.

Upon completion of either your Certificate in Canine Remedial Massage or a Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy you will have several career options available to you:

  • Set up and work from your own clinic or mobile service
  • Work as part of a rehabilitation team in a veterinary clinic
  • Join a grooming facility or a boarding kennel and offer your services
  • Become employed in a canine rehabilitation and physiotherapy centre

The opportunities are endless and expanding all the time.

Certificate courses for vet nurses at Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy

Why I am so passionate about canine therapy - Meet Roonie

In 2003 I had not long opened my canine rehabilitation clinic when my husband and I were given the opportunity to take in a little Dachshund called Roonie. Roonie had recently had spinal surgery and her owners had been told she would never walk again. Consequently, she was unable to toilet herself or move around and her parents had been advised the best thing to do was to euthanise her.

It took a lot of hard work, lost sleep, and lots of washing, but after 5 months of intense rehabilitation, Roonie was able to walk again! She went on to live another six years as a valued member of our family and as a daily reminder that not only can we rehabilitate dogs but that what we do can also save lives.

Since then, I have witnessed many cases similar to Roonie where traditional medicine had done all it could and with the addition of specific canine rehabilitation therapies the quality and quantity of a dog's life has been extended. And that's what makes this career so rewarding.

Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy Roonie
Academy Star Dog Roonie

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