Is a career working with dogs right for you?

Canine Health Academy Mini Course - How to determine if a career working with dogs is right for you

Does spending your days helping canines sound great but you just aren't sure if it's the right career move for you?

We know what it's like to want to change your career or add to your current one.
It's an important and big step and there are lots of things you need to consider.
So, we've put together a mini-course covering all the aspects you need to factor in before making your decision.

Gain the clarity you need

With these six easy to watch video modules, all less than ten minutes each, you'll discover what's really involved in a career as a canine therapist and have all your questions and concerns addressed.

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Who's this Mini-Course for?

The Certificate Courses in Canine Therapy cater for people from all walks of life and therefore, so does the Free Mini-Course. It's designed to help:

  • Dog owners who've experienced benefits with their own dog
  • People wanting a complete career change and love dogs
  • Those volunteering in canine health or rescue centres
  • People working in the canine industry already
  • Mums/dads wanting to do something they're passionate about
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Here's what's covered in the Mini-Course

There are so many factors to consider and so many unknowns. Even if you're currently in the canine industry, these videos will give you a greater understanding of what is required, where the industry is at and where it's going, and what it's really like as a canine therapist.

  • 1

    Video 01

    Is a career in canine therapy right for you?

    • Background on how my career started
    • Why I'm so passionate about providing access for all dogs to quality rehabilitation
    • The lack of access to services for dogs
    • Identifying where you are now
    • How to decide if a career in canine therapy is right for you
  • 2

    Video 02

    How to choose which course is right for you

    • Choosing an accredited course with industry recognition that enables you to be insured
    • Ensuring your course of choice has an ongoing community and mentorship
    • Attributes of great therapists
  • 3

    Video 03

    The changing landscape of pet ownership

    • How the pet industry is changing and what that means for pet therapists
    • How pets have become VIP’s in the household
    • Why there is no time like the present to learn to be a canine therapist
  • 4

    Video 04

    How to launch a super canine therapy business

    • How to plan for success
    • Setting up your location or applying for a job
    • Marketing your business
  • 5

    Video 05

    Taking the leap

    • Is there anything holding you back?
    • What if I haven't studied for some time - questions answered
    • How much time does it take up
    • Who is this course for?
  • 5

    Video 06

    Studying in these Covid times

    • Changes made to the program during travel restrictions
    • How many students have still been able to graduate
    • Development of a virtual solution

Gain instant access to Free Mini Course: Is a career working with dogs right for you?

Spamming is uncool so we will never share your information with anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Instructor: Michelle Monk

The Mini-Course Instructor is Michelle Monk - Canine Health Academy founder, owner of Dogs in Motion Canine Rehabilitation Clinic, and leading Australian Canine Physiotherapist.

Michelle is on a mission to provide 100,000 dogs a year with quality canine therapy services. She knows firsthand the difference canine therapy can make in a dog's life (and the owners) and she wants to help as many dogs as she can.

But she can't do it alone!

"I believe ALL dogs deserve to have access to quality health care and together with my students we can make that happen"

Join The Movement To Help 100,000 Dogs A Year

Connect with Michelle

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