Canine Rehabilitation Introductory Program
for Vet and Therapy Industry

Canine Rehabilitation Introductory Course By Michelle Monk Canine Physiotherapist

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This program begins with an online portion (Part One) that must be completed prior to undertaking the hands-on practical Part Two live workshop. To ensure enough time for all participants to complete the pre-requisite (part one) cut off for applications is TBA. 

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If you are a Veterinarian with your own clinic, an osteopath or physiotherapist with a clinic, or if you are a veterinary nurse working within a clinic, and you've wanted to add the benefit of physiotherapy treatments to your clinic, then this is the course that will start you on that journey.

It's short, concise and jam-packed full of valuable information from over fifteen years of experience and research in the industry of canine rehabilitation. Learn from the best and gain the knowledge you need to see you succeed in this ever growing industry.

Canine Rehabilitation Introductory Program

Specifically for those in the veterinary & therapy industry.

As more people take the health and care of their canine friends more seriously, injecting a large percentage of their income into maintaining the quality of life of their beloved best friend(s) there is an increasing need within the veterinary industry for canine rehabilitation specialists. This is especially so in the field of sporting and working dogs.

The Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy is committed to providing the education, setting the Australian standard, and supporting those who want to further their career in this ever growing industry with the highest quality of education possible.

Aims of the Canine Rehabilitation Introductory Program

In Australia, rehab is becoming an expected standard in a good clinic, and it is imperative there are suitably qualified therapists available to deliver quality services and care to these patients. This canine rehabilitation program has been designed to:

  • 1

    Provide an introduction to the requirements, processes, anatomy, assessment and treatment for rehabilitation of the canine patient specifically for those in the veterinary industry, physiotherapy industry, osteopathy, chiropractic and canine therapy.

  • 2

    Provide an environment of like-minded peers committed to the care and treatment of canine patients and the development of that within a veterinary, rehabilitation or therapy clinic.

  • 3

    Provide the opportunity to access the knowledge and experience of a canine rehabilitation physiotherapist to enable participants to determine if adding a rehabilitation treatment to their current business is a feasible concept.

  • 1

    Provide a benchmark to ensure the standard of care and treatment provided to canine patients and clients in Australia is of exceptional quality and sets the standard within the industry.

Your Instructor

The Course chief Instructor is Michelle Monk - a Physiotherapist, with a Masters Degree in Animal Physiotherapy and a Post-graduate Diploma in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and Dry Needling.

Michelle's treatment of canine patients and research in the area of rehabilitation following surgery for cruciate disease, has seen her win several industry awards.

An Animal Physiotherapist since 2002, utilising her hydrotherapy, manual therapy and rehabilitation experience, she opened the first Canine Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre in Australia, and has taught canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy therapy courses to students both in Australia and internationally.

Michelle is assisted by her team – a group of Physiotherapists with Masters Degrees in Animal Physiotherapy and is passionate about providing quality rehabilitation and healthcare to all canines to improve their general health, wellbeing, and recovery from injury and illness, and allow them to live longer, happier lives with their owners.

Michelle Monk Melbourne Canine Physiotherapist

Connect with Michelle

Program Online Module

  • 1

    Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation

  • 1

    Physio & rehab background, rules and regulations around practice

  • 2

    Canine Musculoskeletal Anatomy from a Functional Perspective

  • 3

    Assessment of the Canine Patient

  • 4

    Different Gaits and Lameness Assessment

  • 5

    Common Conditions Requiring Rehabilitation

  • 6

    Canine Treatment Techniques

  • 7

    Treatment Plan Protocols

  • 8

    Canine Assessment, Treatment & Reassessment

Program Live Workshop Module

  • 1

    Anatomy and Palpation

  • 2

    Posture and Conformation Assessment

  • 3

    In Depth Gait Assessment

  • 4

    Range of Motion and Soft Tissue Assessment

  • 5

    Ice and Heat Specific Applications

  • 6

    Canine Remedial Massage Techniques

  • 7

    Strengthening for Specific Conditions

  • 8

    Case Study Assessments and Treatment Prescriptions

Course Delivery

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The next Live Workshop (Part two) is on TBA 2020. All participants MUST have completed the online component (Part One) prior to the Workshop.

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Course Content Delivery

Course Content Delivery: A blended delivery of course content includes online learning modules for delivery of lectures, slides and reference materials and a hands-on practical workshop component.

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Practical Workshop

The Live Workshop is delivered at a Clinic in Melbourne. This workshop is an intensely practical hands-on practice of the course material from Part One (the preliminary online portion) plus additional lectures and material to further increase the knowledge of the participants in Canine Rehabilitation. 

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Assessments & Examinations

Assessment of this course will be during the live workshop and there is no examination for this course as it is not a certificate course.

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Key Dates

• Next Workshop: 20th March 2020 •

1 Day Practical Workshop

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