Canine Cruciate Recovery Accelerator Course

Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy Canine Cruciate Recovery Accelerator Course Small Dog Min

No Pre-requisites

This course is available online and there are no pre-requisites except a desire to help your dog to recover more quickly from cruciate ligament injury or surgery. It is recommended you have read "The 7 Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Their Dog Has Cruciate Ligament Injury or Surgery" as well as "7 Steps to Optimise Recovery For Your Dog After Cruciate Ligament Injury or Surgery" however, these are available as downloads within the course.

If your dog has had a cranial cruciate ligament injury or surgery recently and you are unable to get to a qualified physiotherapist but you want to help your dog to heal correctly and quickly, then this course is for you! There are no pre-requisites except a love for your dog and a passion to help them to live a long, happy & healthy life.

Canine Cruciate Recovery Accelerator 16 Week Course

Start immediately to get your dog on the road to recovery

This Course is designed to assist you to rehabilitate your dog after cruciate ligament injury or surgery when you can't access a qualified animal physiotherapist or canine rehabilitation therapist. The Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy recommends the physiotherapy services of Dogs in Motion Canine Rehabilitation centre in Melbourne. This centre also conducts online physiotherapy appointments.

Canine Cruciate Recovery Accelerator Course Aims

By working through this DIY Canine Cruciate Recovery Accelerator Course with your dog, at the pace that suits your dogs healing process (don't go too quickly or it can have a reverse effect), you can accelerate the healing process and get your dog back on its feet sooner. This Canine Cruciate Recovery Course has been designed to:

  • 1

    Encourage early controlled weight bearing through a supported, gradual exercise program

  • 2

    Accelerate muscle strengthening, reduce painful swelling & inflammation, and prevent further muscle atrophy.

  • 3

    Restore joint range of motion, joint & limb proprioception to aid prevention of further injury, and reduce compensation in other areas.

  • 4

    Is based on thousands of dogs recovery times, over 20 years of canine physiotherapy experience, and the latest advancements in canine rehabilitation research.


The Course chief Instructor is Michelle Monk - a Physiotherapist, with a Masters Degree in Animal Physiotherapy and a Post-graduate Diploma in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and Dry Needling. Plus, Michelle has won several awards for her delivery of service to canine patients and for her research in the area of rehabilitation following surgery for cruciate disease.

Michelle has been an Animal Physiotherapist, utilising manual therapies and rehabilitation techniques since 2002 when she opened the first Canine Rehabilitation Centre and has taught canine rehabilitation courses to students both in Australia and internationally.

Michelle is assisted by her team – a group of Physiotherapists with Masters Degrees in Animal Physiotherapy and is passionate about providing rehabilitation and health care to all canines to improve their general health, wellbeing, and recovery from injury and illness, while extending their length and quality of life.

Michelle Monk founder of Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy with Zoe

Connect with Michelle

Course Modules

  • 1-4

    Weeks 1 - 4 progress your dog from wound treatment, passive range of motion, specific massage, controlled weight bearing exercises and supported short toilet walks.

  • 5-8

    Weeks 5 - 8 include the introduction of weight shifting, balance, controlled weight bearing exercises, and increased balance exercise, and short lead walks.

  • 9-12

    Weeks 9-12 progresses your dog out of confinement periodically, ongoing massage, increased and diagonal weight bearing, confined areas walk and play, hill walking, plus loose leash walking.

  • 13-16

    Weeks 13 - 16 out of confinement, ongoing massage, increased hill walking & trotting, leash jogging, directional change, sand walking & jogging, off leash solitary running, supervised play, all ongoing until your dog has reached full recovery. 

Course Delivery

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The course is delivered online, therefore is available for you to Start Immediately to give your dog the best chance of a successful recovery

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Course Content Delivery

Course Content Delivery: Delivery of this course is via online detailed instructional videos taking you step by step through each exercise and providing important advice during each lesson. You will also have access to a private Facebook group filled with physiotherapists, vet nurses, canine therapists, and other dog owners and lovers.

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Assessments & Examinations

This course is designed for dog owners who are unable to get to a canine physiotherapist however at the onset of the course, and throughout the course at various points, we recommend having an examination and assessment by a qualified canine physiotherapist. Dogs in Motion Canine Rehabilitation can conduct these appointments online if you are unable to attend in person. 

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Exercise Diary

The Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy recommends always recording your dogs progress and this course provides a downloadable journal designed for you to print out and complete each day. This exercise diary will help you to keep track of your pet's progress and move through the exercises week to week. 

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Throughout the program support is available through a private Facebook Group filled with your peers and instructors.

Give your dog it's best chance of recovery

The longer you wait, the harder it will be for your best friend to have a full recovery from their surgery or injury

Key Points

• Start Immediately •

• Go at YOUR dogs pace •

• Get online support •

Need more information or want to ask us a question before you enrol?


This Canine Massage for Dog Owners Course is not an accredited by the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association (ACRA). However, many of our other courses are. ACRA is the governing body for the practice of Canine Rehabilitation and Canine Remedial Massage in Australia.

The (ACRA) board is made up of Physiotherapists with a Masters Degree in Animal Physiotherapy, and Veterinary professionals with an interest in Canine Rehabilitation. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in canine rehabilitation with different membership levels available.

Therefore, as a dog owner and dog lover you can become an ACRA member and contribute to the ongoing growth of the Canine Rehabilitation industry while increasing your knowledge and connection with other dog lovers. Please click here to find out more about the ACRA and your membership options.


This program is not a substitute to 1:1 care from a qualified animal physiotherapist or canine rehabilitation therapist. Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation, Michelle Monk, and the Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy take no responsibility if your dog is injured while conducting these exercises. If injury occurs or your dog appears worse, seek veterinary attention for your dog immediately.